Nintendo push social media and video content on Wii U. HBO Go and Youtube might be coming.

Emily Rogers here.

So I’ve been doing some looking at random sites trying to dig up any information I can about Wii U.   I found some interesting information that I wanted to share.

Youtube app on Wii U?

Two days ago, Google posting a job offer (link above) on

“As part of our team you’ll be working as a Software Engineer developing versions of YouTube to work with next generation game consoles. You will have an opportunity to try novel and unconventional ideas and launch frequent experiments to the YouTube user base. You will have a chance to get immediate feedback on user interface, human interaction design, and interest. You will be working with a variety of languages during the development process.”

Another bullet point emphasizes “Build the next generation game-console-based TV experience with You Tube video content.”

As far as I’m concerned, Wii U is a next generation game console.

The ad then says “Deep technical knowledge of Microsoft Xbox 360, Sony PlayStation 3 and/or Nintendo Wii

Now yes.  Wii is not Wii U.  BUT…Wii does not currently have a Youtube app.  And there’s no way to watch Youtube on the Wii.

From my understanding (correct me if I’m wrong) but I’ve been told flash doesn’t work anymore on Wii’s Opera internet browser.  This is because Opera stopped updating the flash player.  This means that you can’t use Youtube on Wii without flash.   A Youtube application would solve the problem of not needing flash to watch videos on Wii U.

Xbox 360 already has a Youtube app.  And PS Vita is getting a Youtube app in June:

But things get more interesting…

I found another job posted 26 days ago that hints at Nintendo pushing for applications and social media.


Job Description: As a programmer on the LBM staff you will be working on projects ranging from custom-built PHP-based applications, mobile web applications, and social media apps. These applications rarely repeat themselves and each application is unique with its own set of puzzles. This position requires someone excited by new challenges willing to learn new things.”

A Little About Us: LBM is a boutique web development shop building custom solutions for medium to enterprise-level companies. We are a small team with challenging projects from companies like ESPN, Nintendo, Atlantis Hotel, Visa, and interesting startups.”

So Nintendo is a client/customer of a company that builds PHP based applications, mobile web applications, and social media apps.  Interesting.

Here’s more info on LBM’s mobile development:  Their site says:  “We provide a wide array of services revolving interactivity on a screen. ”

I decided to keep looking around.  So far I was finding lots of interesting information through different job searches.  I went on Time Warner’s site doing job searches, and I found out that Nintendo is currently a client for HBO Go.


Job description:

“The Partner Manager position is responsible for the day-to-day relationship and ongoing marketing activities with several key Mobile, Tablet, Connected TV and Game Console digital partners for HBO GO and MAX GO. Partners include Apple, Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, Samsung, Roku, as well as any new partners that will launch HBO/MAX GO in the future.”

The job description is saying Nintendo is a partner that plans to launch HBO Go in the near future.  I don’t think they could word it any clearer.

Anyways, these are just tiny tidbits that give the App rumor about Wii U more legitimacy.

Hope you guys enjoy E3.


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6 Responses to Nintendo push social media and video content on Wii U. HBO Go and Youtube might be coming.

  1. dubYA says:

    Awesome news! Hope it all pans out and that Nintendo keeps pushing into new territory with Wii U.

  2. Justin says:

    I’d say based on the Wii U revelation clip from last year, YouTube integration is a lock. And it wouldn’t surprise me if they aggressively sought more social experiences. Great article.

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  5. Ishiggydiggystaoitoi says:

    I’m confused about your HBOGo statement, as Nintendo isn’t anywhere on the job listing. At all.

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